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Puerto Rico

My Island can be so quiet in the morning
especially the beach
and the dark sand of Aviones Beach entices me to take off my bikini and run naked

But I i did this instead.

The sun is gentle at that time
and my sunless skin appreciates everytime he is.

As I took these pictures from El Morro in Old San Juan
melancoly overpowered me...
This is the place I grew up
The place I left with no regrets.
The place I really never said goodbye to, but somehow always knew I would never come back.

But like a love and hate relationship
we never miss each other
until we see each other
and that my friends
is what i call, never having closure at all.

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Useful and Practical Decor with Kleenex Style

Spring season is here and I love decorating!
I truly believe that the way you decorate
your home is a way of expressing 
who you are.
I also enjoy decorating with unique art pieces
 either mine or someone elses.

I recently found out these cute new designs by Kleenex Style Studio.
There are so many different and adorable styles 
and maybe even a few that'll take you by surprise!

But you got to admit this one with the owl is so cute, 
I want to hang a picture of it on my wall!

I do not use baby wipes all the time when I diaper change Gianni.
They usually have a lot of alcohol and fragrances that can irritate his skin.
My pediatrician said sometimes a tissue can clean much better!

You have to admit: this ain't no ordinary decorative tissue box!

In my bathroom I bought this style cause I think it goes better with
the decor that I have there.

I dont use makeup remover wipes because 
I make my own makeup remover as you may have seen HERE.
Kleenex tissue is the softest on my skin.
After all, Kleenex started out as facial tissue for removing makeup.

I encourage you to take their Personal Style Quiz so you can decide which Kleenex design suits you!
Thank you Kleenex for sponsoring this post and keeping my home practical and stylish!

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Carnaval on the Mile

This past weekend I was invited to a VIP Bloggers Lounge
Sponsored by Kiwanis Of Little Havana Foundation. The pass included:
  • Backstage passes to Carnaval on the Mile and Calle Ocho stages 
  • Networking opportunities with sponsors  
  • Interview/photo opportunities with performers  
  • VIP Lounge with WIFI hotspot access 
  • VIP gift bags and other special prizes 
  • Refreshments
  • Special parking passes
  • Transportation to stages 

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Back to the 80's

Like I had told you all before on my last post,I bought a CK mascara in electric blue. I decided to try it with the liquid eye liner from Stila (midnight).
And since it reminded me so much like the 80's, I decided to go all the wary with this fuschia lipstick from Sephora. I don't know the name since it came in a makeup kit, so sorry!
What do you think?

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The Best Liquid Eyeliner...and more!

Hello Again!
Yesterday I went to Ulta.
Ever since I had my baby I have been obsessing over makeup (yes really!)
Maybe it’s because Gianni has so much clothes right now and he is growing up so fast, that I don’t want to spend in something he may not even use, considering there are already items in his closet that he outgrown before even wearing them once!
So I splurge...on myself.
Such a difficult life!

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