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At Bobby's Burger Palace

Yesterday I decided to go out with my baby 
against the cold weather here in Miami.
Because it was so cold, there was nowhere to go but
a Mall.

I was starving and decided to go to Bobby's Burger Palace  
since I am a huge fan of his shows on the Food network and 
I decided to try the Blue cheese Burger OMG I must say
it was one of the best (and messiest) burgers I have ever had.

Not too often I can wear my Michael Kors faux fur coat
here in Miami, so I am thrilled when I can!

Sometimes its nice to go out on a full on black outfit with just a
pop of color!

What piece of clothing 
do you pray for the weather to change
 for you to be able to wear it?


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Really cute, rocking it despite the weather.

Berty Morales said...

Love the look and drooling over those shorts and fur vest.